March 2018

Lynx CBD Considering Bid For Naming Rights To Iconic Mile High Stadium


Denver, CO - Sources close to the Colorado based CBD company told Doapbox Cannabis News that they were considering a bid for the naming rights on Denver’s iconic Mile High Stadium. Sports Authority, the defunct sporting goods stores signage remained prominent on the stadiums exterior for more than two years, until early 2018. During [...]

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Cannabis’ Potential To Treat Cancer


Studies continue to yield promising results for Cannabis as a treatment for cancer. As more research is conducted, more research is needed. Each new discovery brings about new hypotheses and increased optimism that Cannabis can open the door to a cure.The medicinal properties of Cannabis are undeniable, both in modern times and throughout history. In [...]

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Synthetic CBD Vaping Causes Overdose


Synthetic CBD Vaping Causes Overdose Mooresville, North Carolina - A 31 year old employee working at Tobacco & Vapor, a local vape shop in Mooresville, NC has been taken into custody following the overdose of a high school student. The employee has been charged with 9 felony drug charges, all relating to the distribution and [...]

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