Disjointed? More like Disappointing and Dysfunctional

In a country gone mad over the cannabis industry, Netflix has jumped on the bandwagon with Disjointed. If the show is any indication, they’ll probably try to hotbox the bandwagon while they’re on it. That is what stoners do anyway, right?

If you are looking for a show that perpetuates every stoner stereotype you can conjure, Netflix has you covered.  Racially charged jokes that slide because of a racially diverse cast? You bet. Overzealous use of the laughter light in a vain attempt to coax chuckles from viewers? All you can handle and then some. A middle aged white mother of two jerking off a steering wheel with weed lube while she masturbates? Tune in immediately because this show was made for you.

As cannabis cultures gains traction with the legalization of recreational marijuana use, Disjointed is exactly the opposite of what the industry needs. The push towards federal legalization is shouldered by the benefits found in THC, CBD, and the argument that smoking weed doesn’t make you lazy, dumb, and lead to harder drug use. Disjointed loosely infers the benefits, but does little to combat the latter. In fact, any inference of benefit is negated by the steering wheel scene. Medicinal use of marijuana can be beneficial in treating anxiety, depression, and stress. According to Disjointed, it also leads to increased excitement about sitting in chairs and steering wheel fetishes. Perhaps as the season progresses it will take on hard hitting issues. However, any curious viewers who aren’t 420 friendly will find only reefer madness confirmation.

At such a pivotal time for marijuana advocacy, Disjointed adds weight to those already fighting an uphill battle for legalization. It’s time that producers consider shining the light on upstanding cannabis users, focusing on the productivity and acumen of the savvy users who make a difference in our society. Surely a decent writer can find some comedic value in that premise.