Lynx CBD Considering Bid For Naming Rights To Iconic Mile High Stadium

Denver, CO – Sources close to the Colorado based CBD company told Doapbox Cannabis News that they were considering a bid for the naming rights on Denver’s iconic Mile High Stadium. Sports Authority, the defunct sporting goods stores signage remained prominent on the stadiums exterior for more than two years, until early 2018. During that time at least one other Cannabis related company made a bid for the naming rights. That bid was denied for undisclosed reasons.

Colorado has become the poster-child for the Cannabis business, generating over 2.4 billion dollars in economic stimulus since its legalization in 2014.  As Colorado becomes known for “pot” it makes sense that a Cannabis related business would want a shot to be associated with the states biggest sports draw. When Sports Authority closed its doors before the 2016-2017 season it left many fans wondering how they should refer to the stadium.

Lynx CBD hopes that the therapeutic nature of CBD Oil will help give them a leg up in the bidding process. Recently, one of the largest Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado also made a bid for the naming rights. The speculation surrounding that deal was that the team did not want to be associated with the recreational side of the Cannabis business, and the deal fell through.

According to Lynx CBD representatives, the NFL’s position on CBD product usage among players appears to be relaxing. Past NFL players, including former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer, have openly praised the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD. At the same time, major pharmaceutical companies are actively studying the non-psychoactive compounds role in CTE. Though not openly engaged, the NFL is sure to watch the results of the studies carefully. If the results are conclusive and positive, it might be a wise public relations move to allow Lynx CBD the naming rights.

It’s yet to be seen how fans will react if a Cannabis related business secures naming rights, but whatever company finds their way onto the Denver Skylines signage, they’d be wise to retain the “Mile High” nomenclature.